Grilled Aji Verde Oysters

Briny oysters are grilled at high heat with aji verde- a green sauce of cilantro, jalapeƱos, and queso fresco.  Grilled Aji Verde Oysters are finished with the pulp of finger limes (think citrus caviar) and cilantro. 

Grill Oysters

Prepare grill at medium-high heat.  Shuck oysters, and spoon about 1 t of aji verde on top each.  Grill oysters (cup-side on bottom) for about 5 minutes- or until oysters are cooked through and aji verde starts to bubble.  Remove oysters from grill and set on aside.

Grilled Aji Verde Oysters Plating:

  • 12 grilled oysters
  • 6 finger limes cut in half
  • cilantro leaves
  • rock salt for plating

Cover the base of your serving platter covered about 1/4 inch of rock salt.  Place the oysters on your platter.  Top each grilled oyster with a single cilantro leaf.  Squeeze the pulp from each half of a finger lime on top of each grilled aji verde oyster. 


beer: Gose.  Goses are a fairly sharp sour, with a touch of salt- a perfect beer to enhance the brininess of the oyster, and the tartness of the finger lime.  The lactic acidity of the beer plays well with the queso fresco in the aji verde.  Some beers to look for: Avery El Gose, Dogfish Head Seaquench, Lost Nation Gose, Westbrook Gose.

cocktail: Orange Fennel Sangria