Shishitos & Salsa Verde

Shishito peppers are a sweeter pepper that work nicely as an appetizer, or a light lunch.  This recipe becomes vegan if the manchego cheese is eliminated.  

yields 1 plate


Add oil to cast iron pan, and heat on high.  Once pan is sufficiently hot, add peppers- be careful as they will pop during the cooking process.  Allow char and blisters to form on some spots on the peppers.  Remove from heat, and immediately season with flake salt and cracked black pepper.


Spoon some salsa verde on to the middle of your serving plate; spread towards the edges, forming a circle.  Plate shishitos directly on top of salsa.  Using a microplane, zest the lime over top.  Shave some pieces of manchego directly on top using a vegetable peeler.  Season to taste.


cocktail: Cilantro Margarita

beer: Czech pilsner.  A clean pilsner with some spicy floral notes really compliment the peppers here.  Pilsners are also a nice style to have with spicer foods.  Some beers to look for: Great Divide Nomad, Peak Organic Fresh Cut, von Trapp Bohemian Pils.