Grilled Cocktail Oysters

Grilled oysters with a charred tomato butter and horseradish cheddar- a spin on a classic cocktail sauce. Grill these until these until they’re slightly charred and bubbling. Grilled Cocktail Oysters are an easy and quick crowdpleaser, perfect for your next get together.

Prepare grill at medium high heat.  Shuck oysters.  Spoon approx. 1 t of charred tomato butter on each oyster; cover each with a pinch of horseradish cheddar.  Grill oysters until cheese melts and oysters have cooked.  


cocktail: Killer Tomato Paloma

beer: Schwarzbier (black lager). Roasted malts compliment the char of the oyster, while the lager’s light body still allows the salinity to shine through. Some beers to look for: Jack’s Abby Cascadian Schwarzbier, Kulmbacher Monchshoff Schwarzbier.